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Find his plays incomprehensible? Well, then, you’re not worthy!

By Cynthia Citron LOS ANGELES — I discovered something very interesting when I interviewed poet-playwright Murray Mednick last week: If you want to get a provocative interview, start by making the subject angry. I begin by remarking, quite innocently, that I don’t understand his plays. Innocent, but terminally tactless. “You want me to explain my plays […]

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Refuting the BDS campaign on the UCSD campus

By Audrey Jacobs   LA JOLLA, California — This is a story of hate, strength and hope. The global PR war to delegitimize and demonize Israel is raging on college campuses internationally, but it is especially prevalent at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). However, in this darkness, there is light.  Every time Israel […]

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Male circumcision is a kindness to future sexual partners

By Joel Moskowitz, M.D. SAN DIEGO — At a recent meeting of the Obstetrics and Gynecologic Society in the San Diego Convention Center, those entering were confronted by a myriad of anti-circumcisIon signs held by young males and females: “Circumcision is Unnecessary” A photo of a young baby boy “You’re gonna cut off what?!” “Circumcision […]

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Is music at a funeral kosher?

By Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel CHULA VISTA, California –A question came up recently in my congregation regarding the use of music at a Jewish funeral. The Reform Movement has long permitted the use of music at a Jewish funeral—provided the music does not derive from the Christian liturgy, e.g., Amazing Grace. Most Conservative and all […]

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U.S. goes along with NATO’s snub of Israel

By Shoshana Bryen WASHINGTON, D.C. — NATO’s snub of Israel — a “major non-NATO ally” and member of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue — in its Chicago summit this weekend was simply waved away.  “Israel is neither a participant in ISAF nor in KFOR (Afghanistan and Kosovo missions),” said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  Israel didn’t […]

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Jews for Judaism sponsors student photo contest

 LOS ANGELES (Press Release) — Jews for Judaism – an international organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Jewish identity via specialized education and counseling programs that counteract deceptive proselytizing – has launched its second Online Jewish Student’s photo contest though it’s Be-True Student Leadership Initiative. Be-True was established in 2008, with support from the Los […]

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A movie that tells Israel’s positive story

By Alan M. Dershowitz  CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — The world well knows of Israel’s military prowess in protecting its citizens against threats of terrorism and the even greater threat of a nuclear armed Iran.  If one were to put the word “Israel” on a Rorschach test, the association, for most people would be to “conflict,” “wars,” […]

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Those rituals that fill our lives

  By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO– Most of the focus at schools at this time of the year is on the annual rite known as the  graduation ceremony, because, wherever it is held, it typically involves a major portion of the student body in symbolic culmination of an important chapter in their lives. The […]

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Negotiating with bulldozers, fact finders, jumping jacks and doormats

By Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D. LA JOLLA, California — Whether you’re buying a new car, trying to get the best deal from your suppliers, debating whether your company should invest in a real estate deal, or just discussing how to spend your next paycheck with your spouse, you are negotiating. In order to negotiate successfully, you […]

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