British election repudiates anti- Israel forces

By Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

LONDON, England — The General Election in UK has resulted in the first majority Conservative Party victory in a generation. As usual, the British electorate has spoken with great common sense, apart from the Scots, who seem to be carried away on their own trajectory.

The election results were extremely “good for the Jews“.

The Conservatives are fairly pro-Israel, and David Cameron has been very supportive of the Jewish community in the UK, in terms of clamping down on foreign originated anti-Semitism. He appears to be against boycotts of Israel, although only time will tell if he is obliged to go along with European Union initiatives to enact economic warfare (ie boycott) against the Jewish State.

The main opposition Labour Party, was led by Ed Miliband, a left wing Jewish intellectual. He recognised his Jewish roots, but promised to follow quite an extreme anti-Israel agenda, including recognising a Palestinian State. He was hostile to Israel’s self defense durng the last war with Hamas..

Bizarrely, in a Moses-like publicity stunt, Miliband had made a stone tablet, which listed some of his policy headings, which he was going to erect at 10 Downing Street.  This biblical gesture was greeted by enormous ridicule, in a country as secular as Britain.

Anyway the Labour Party was significantly beaten, indeed its leadership was decimated in the elections. Miliband himself resigned immediately.

The Liberal Party was the third party before the Election, and was in Coalition with the Conservatives.  It was virtually wiped out in the recent election, going down from something like 59 seats to just 8 seats. Several of its members were perceived by some, to be very anti Semitic and anti Israel. Their party defeat will maybe not be mourned by many Jews, and their leader Nick Clegg, who Jews had no reason to find fault with personally, resigned immediately also.

George Galloway, the parliamentary member for a party called “Respect” in Bradford, was  defeated. He was the person who called for Bradford to be a “Zionist” free zone, and was strident in his anti Israel campaigning. Indeed, in his speech after defeat, he said that “ the venal, the vile, the racists and the Zionists will be celebrating.”

So it was a good election for the Jewish population of Britain, and hopefully good for Israel. Press reports seem to indicate that Cameron and Bibi have a good relationship. Bibi was heavily criticised in some quarters by appealing for votes because the Arabs were voting in large numbers. However he was copied by Cameron , who appealed for last minute support because the Scots were threatening to control the British Parliament. Similar last minute campaigns, and although democratically negative, they were hugely successful.

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