SDJW thanks its May contributors

SAN DIEGO (SDJW)—San Diego Jewish World acknowledges and thanks those writers and photographers whose bylines appeared during the month of May on its website.

They were:

David Amos

Laurie Baron

Caren Besner

Dan Bloom

Shoshana Bryen

Stephen Bryen

Garry Fabian

Abraham Foxman

Donald H. Harrison

Natasha Josefowitz

Rabbi Ben Kamin

Tony Klug

Steve Kramer

Lloyd Levy

David Leyva

Sam Litvin

J. Zel Lurie

Arkady Mamaysky

Rabbi Dow Marmur

David Ogul

Michael Ordman

Sheila Orysiek

Mimi Pollack

Zack Pyzer

Fred Reiss

Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal

Sheryl Rowling

Melanie Rubin

Ira Sharkansky

Barry Shaw

Dorothea Shefer-Vanson

Anav Silverman

Joe Spier

David Strom

Eric George Tauber

Eva Trieger

Lawrence Weinbaum

Eileen Wingard

Isaac Yetiv

Mark D. Zimmerman

San Diego Jewish World is a voluntary association of writers and photographers stationed in various parts of the world.  If you are interested in becoming a correspondent for this publication, please send an email to [email protected] briefly stating your credentials and your areas of interest.







One Response to “SDJW thanks its May contributors”

  1. Mimi Pollack says:

    What a nice idea! Thank you! –Mimi Pollack, La Mesa, California


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