Economy may drive U.K. voters to leftist Corbyn

By Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

LONDON, England–I fear that several serious problems confront  us at the moment, which will combine to create the “perfect storm.”

Here in the UK, we have the certain prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being elected as leader of the Labour Party. Labour are not the governing party at the moment, but he has a high chance of becoming Prime Minister at some time in the next 10 years or so. His Wikipedia entry says all one needs to know, being a member of Socialist Campaign Group, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and Stop the War Coalition.

Some may think that this is not good news for the Jews in UK, nor for Israel certainly. The Jewish Press and mainstream Jewish opinion, are in a state of some anxiety.

Many people believe that Corbyn is unelectable, but I do not accept that view. The West faces threats of historical magnitude. The financial crash of 2008 has badly affected “Joe Public.“ The bank debts were taken on by Governments, and thus the taxpayer and public are having to take up the cost of saving the banks. On top of this unresolved problem, the world economy is deteriorating fast, and massive deflation may be about to hit us. The Mainstream Media try to persuade us that falling prices are a good thing, but they are a disaster. Companies make less profit, and lay off workers, which is already happening in UK in the oil and steel industries.

So if the economy does nose dive further, the public may well turn to the likes of Corbyn on the left, or indeed to figures on the right also.

In addition, we are witnessing a tidal wave of Arabs and Africans reaching European shores in recent weeks..  I don’t know if this is deliberate policy by the folks who want to abolish the existing nation states, but it is interesting that the immigrants are largely fleeing states that the West have deliberately laid waste, such as Iraq, Syria, and Libya. This influx is in addition to the ongoing yearly immigration of many hundreds of  thousands of East European and other immigrants to the UK .

The Channel Tunnel from France to England is besieged by immigrants, stopping the trains, climbing onto train roofs, and hiding inside vehicles. Much of the time, the tunnel has to be closed down.

What concerns me, is that the perfect storm of economic depression, and huge inflows of foreign populations, will create a backlash that will not be good for the Jews in Europe. In addition, many of these immigrants are from societies deeply hostile to Jews.

Levy divides his time between homes in London, England, and Eilat, Israel.  You may comment to him at [email protected]


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