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Anti- Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party

By Lloyd Levy
Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

LONDON — There has been a shocking series of what many consider to be anti-Semitic outbursts, from members of the opposition Labour Party, including some very senior people.

It almost seems that weekly, news is coming to light about apparent anti-Jewish attitudes on politicians’ social media pages. Personally, I cant understand why anybody would want to put their rantings in writing on social media, but clearly they do so. !

The Labour Party leadership recently moved to the far left, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. In many ways, he appears to be like Bernie Sanders, being of a similar age and world view. Not that I wish to judge the political situation in the USA, unlike its current President, who presumed to tell the British people how they should vote in their upcoming European Referendum.  That comment didn’t go down well with a lot of people.

So this week, we have a Labour Member of Parliament,  Naz Shah, having to resign from her Government post, because she was found to have made some unsavoury comments  that many deemed to be anti Semitic. Likewise the National Union of Students has just elected a certain Malia Bouattia as Union President, who has made similar comments. If people make remarks deemed to be anti immigrant, they would have the police calling on them very quickly indeed. But anti-Jewish is apparently OK nowadays. Incredible in Europe within such a short time after the Holocaust!

Of course, these people deny that they are anti-Semitic, but most of us surely know by now that anti-Israel beliefs are more often than not, a cover for anti-Jewish prejudice.

The common perception is that the Labour Party, with its so called “Jewish problem” will not get into power any time soon. However, it is the main opposition party, and it is quite possible that if there is another financial collapse, or unforeseen event, that the British people could turn to them for leadership.

It must be said, that Prime Minister David Cameron, has been exemplary in his support of the Jewish Community.

The situation is not a current physical threat to Jews in the UK, but it is certainly not pleasant, and one that is not going to go away any time soon.

Levy is a freelance writer who divides his time between the United Kingdom and Israel.  Comments intended for publication in the space below must be accompanied by the letter writer’s first and last name and his/her city and state of residence (city and country for those outside the U.S.)


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