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Trump and the white power movement

Gary Rotto

Gary Rotto

SAN DIEGO — The other day, a post from CNN appeared on my Facebook feed. CNN was asking what question I would like to ask of the candidates at the Town Hall Forum on Sunday night.

I certainly have one that is not about the Hollywood Access tour bus. And I have the answer that I hope Mr. Trump would provide.

Here is what I would ask:    This campaign has seen some the most heated rhetoric of any political campaign. And maybe the most rhetoric is from supporters. What is troubling to me is the rise of the White Power movement in the form of neo-nationalism.   Mr. Trump, you have been accused of being slow to condemn hate speech. Many would say that you benefit from those elements in your campaign. How do you respond?

Here’s how I hope he would answer:

I am thrilled with the widespread support that I have across this country. But I have to admit, that the events of the past few days have caused me to pause and rethink how I have phrased things.   I have condemned people like David Duke and others who are considered white supremacists. Some have said that these are my voters.  My voters are not white supremacists. They are ordinary, hard working people who want to make America great again. In fact, I do not need the votes of David Duke and his ilk to win.   I can and will win without them. So I you are a hard core white nationalist who believes in that philosophy, stay home.  I don’t want your vote and don’t need your vote.  But if you believe in the greatness that is America, believe that our best days are yet ahead and believe that in America, capitalism provides opportunity for anyone – no matter their race, religion or background can make a good living and maybe even be a billion themselves some day, I want your vote.

The events of the past view days have thrust the issue of how women are viewed in society back into the limelight. But the issue of overall discrimination and the difference between White Supremacy and opportunity for all is still lurking in the campaign. Clarity is still needed.  Maybe Mr. Trump is just using white supremacists for his own gain, but a potential win should not be based on the backs of what is now called the Alt Right.  Without his explicit remarks taking out this philosophy, it will continue to its resuscitation – no matter whether Mr. Trump has a Jewish daughter and son in law or not.  The philosophy of white supremacy is one Mr. Trump could effective push back underneath the rock from which it was hidden.  That would be true leadership to make American equality great again.

Rotto is a freelance writer with an interest in government and politics.  He may be contacted via [email protected].

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