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Enraged Trump reverts to shielding white supremacists from full blame

WASHINGTON — Rather than soothing racial tension, an increasingly isolated President Donald Trump reverted to the rage that fueled his campaign, playing to the core of his supporters who still adore him. With bluster and defiance, Trump on Tuesday spread blame for the violence in Virginia not just on the torch-wielding white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku…

One Response to “Enraged Trump reverts to shielding white supremacists from full blame”

  1. Terclinger says:

    I am a kosher Jew and this article is complete garbage.

    Pres. Trump called out the nazi scum AND the BLM/ANTIFA animals.

    For those of your staff and readers who don’t know, BLM are apologists for cop killers and they train with “palestinian” rioters; ANTIFA carry red and black communist and anarchist flags and the support the destruction of Israel AND America.

    And BOTH groups support BDS.

    What we had in Charlottesville was a clash between white National Socialists and some multi-colorered amalgam of International communists and anarchists.

    BOTH GROUPS need to be arrested, and disbanded.

    Thats where Pres trump stands, and thats where ALL SMART AMERICANS, including Jews must also stand.

    PS – what other group has been tearing down statues from the past?



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