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Democrats in Congress to explore creating an expert panel on Trump’s mental health

Three congressional Democrats have asked a psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine to consult with them about forming an expert panel to offer the legislators advice on assessing President Trump’s mental health. Yale’s Dr. Bandy Lee told STAT that over the last few weeks members of Congress or their staff have asked her to discuss how…

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  1. Mushtaq Dean says:

    Questioning Trump’s mental health

    It has become a delicious entertainment for a section of media and for some readers to collect negative information about President Donald Trump, mostly about his approval rating and his mental health.

    Trump has completed 200 days in his office during which several times his approval rating has been shown dwindling, crumbling, and breathing its last.

    During his campaign his mental health was projected clearly deranged. After a considerable gap, once again, his mental health is brought to light as doubtful as proved by the statement:
    “Democrats in congress to explore creating an expert panel on Trump’s mental health” (Stat August 16, 2017)
    Democrats support their claim referring a book scheduled for publication in October and edited by Lee. In this edition 27 medical experts Join Lee that Trump mental conditions has sign of deep paranoia.

    Democrats happy over this disclosure should remember that their leader Hillary was also diagnosed with right transverse sinus venous thrombosis.

    In addition, a number of renowned leaders have suffered mental disorder.
    • Research conducted in 2008 by a Pentagon think tank suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s syndrome.
    • Churchill reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder. His mood apparently fluctuated from paralyzing depression to ecstatic spurts of energy and activity.
    • Some believe Adolf Hitler had bipolar disorder, which would certainly help explain his manic and erratic behavior.
    • It is no secret that Lincoln suffered from many depressive episodes. He was often treated by a physician for “melancholy.”
    • While Gandhi is often perceived as the epitome of peacefulness and contentment, he suffered from depression. He also attempted suicide when he was younger.
    • Kennedy’s medical records reveal he suffered from depression and manic episodes. This caused him both to falter and to have high levels of energy during his presidency. (source for this five reference: Elite Daily)
    Those doubting Trump’s mental conditions and feel immensely eager to see its confirmation should answer if a man with mental disorder can do:
    • America has had 45 presidents, three worked accepting no salary, Trump is one of them.

    • At G-20, Trump met top international leaders, discussed with them various issues chiefly the treacherous thinking of N.Korea. Trump’s thunderous declaration of “locked and loaded” has placed a staggering load on Korean nerves.

    • Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    • He has created a large number of jobs.

    • Appointing a Supreme Court Justice.

    • Drastic improvement on immigration system.


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