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University of Florida sees little chance of stopping speech by white nationalist

As the University of Florida prepares to allow white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on its campus, experts said the school is making the legally correct decision, even as other colleges hold firm in rejecting him. UF is one of several universities recently forced to deal with a planned visit by Spencer, who has advocated the…

One Response to “University of Florida sees little chance of stopping speech by white nationalist”

  1. Sheldon Merel says:

    The Bill of Rights says , ” these truths are self evident”, but unless specific laws against publicly preaching fascism, and anti semitism enacted are enacted into law , nothing is self evident. I understand Germany has laws that legally forbid public displays of Anti semitism. It is the law, and legally forbidden.
    It is against the law for anyone to falsely shout, “Fire” in a theatre and cause mayhem. Until laws are enacted
    to clearly place un-American speeches that inevitably cause mayhem in the same category , fascist groups will continue to hide behind the First Amendment. I commend those student bodies and universities that , at least take a stand to discourage or forbid forums of hatred . Hopefully, there will come a moment in the future when the public will demand laws to clearly identify what the first Amendment should cover.


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