‘Whispers from the Light’ may lead you to re-think

By Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.

Natasha Josefowitz

LA JOLLA, California — Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the galaxies—most likely more galaxies. Our minds cannot encompass infinity. Have you wondered what was there before the beginning of our universe before the big bang? Maybe it always was! Our minds cannot fathom eternity. Birds migrate by some magnetic resonances we don’t comprehend. What else is there in that unseen world that our limited minds cannot fathom such as the dark energy coursing through us and around us? Many of us have a sixth sense and have known things that we had no way of knowing, for which there is no explanation, or have had strange premonitions that have come true.

There are people who are seers and can lead us to this unknown world and make it known. Gary Boriero was born with psychic gifts and shares his journey towards enlightenment with us. His new book, Whispers from the Light (Balboa Press, 2017), takes readers to another realm apart from the physical senses, beyond the ones that have trapped us into believing that this is all there is. While not religious in nature, taking your journey with Gary will shed light on the workings of our own egos, our negativity, our possibilities. He will hold your hand as you enter a world of enlightenment and spiritual insight with him.

I met Gary six years ago on his first day as Executive Director of White Sands La Jolla where I have been a resident for 15 years. He told me at that time that his mission was to make the lives of seniors as comfortable and happy as he could, and he has done so. I serve on three of his administrative committees. Gary and I are members of the Stein Institute Community Advisory Board and work on several projects together.

As we were getting to know each other, Gary shared his belief in past lives and introduced me to the idea that we shared other lives together. Not believing in reincarnation, I was very skeptical. He suggested I start paying attention to what I intuited—to the vague feelings of knowing something, without knowing what it is. I did and indeed experienced unexplained occurrences I would not have noticed beforehand. I discovered a new sense of awareness within myself.

During his deep meditations, Gary receives messages from the beyond. He can see the traumas in people’s current and past lives, and thus can understand their sometimes seemingly unexplainable behaviors. I was a doubter at the beginning of our weekly meetings. I am that 90-year old skeptical woman he mentions in his book. I would come with a list of management issues working as a business consultant, and he would encounter with spiritual guidance. We helped each other grow. I had always believed (and still do) that our brain’s tendency to explain the unexplainable is by inventing a realm beyond our world from figments of our imaginations. Our brains also ascribe intentionality to events where none exist—yet there are synchronicities beyond coincidences

As far as I can remember I have always wondered: What else is out there that I can’t see, can’t hear, don’t know?  Somehow I felt I was missing something I might discover if only I had a road map and a guide.  Gary Boriero provides the road map, the guidance and the realization that everything and anything is indeed possible.

Gary believes that we are the most powerful creators of our own lives, that many of us live trapped in the realm of the physical senses, and that beyond these illusions and distractions lays another world—one of miracles, infinite love, forgiveness and acceptance. Here are a few of the ideas he expands upon:

Love unconditionally. When you judge, you judge yourself for we are all one.

Ego demands love for all the wrong reasons.

Silence is the realm where most things are learned and understood.

We are all one gigantic soul of interconnected energy.

I found his many concepts both stimulating and perceptive. By reading his book, I gained insight into a new territory that eluded me before. I am less of a skeptic and more open-minded to examine new ideas. You, too, will be touched by how compelling Whispers from the Light can be. It will expand your mind (as it did mine) to a different way of reflecting on the world we live in.

(Whispers from the Light is available on Amazon and Kindle.)

© Natasha Josefowitz. This article appeared initially in the La Jolla Village News. You may comment to [email protected]

One Response to “‘Whispers from the Light’ may lead you to re-think”

  1. J.J. Surbeck says:

    Great article. Thank you, Natasha. You give glimpses of what the real “reality” is even though most of us don’t even suspect its existence. What we think is reality is in fact a mass of ephemeral phenomenons, as we are ourselves since our bodies will die and turn into dust at one point. The question then becomes: what’s next. The answer? A lot more. Considerably more. May Gary’s book open vistas in people’s minds as he did for you.


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