Berkeley lecturer apologizes for retweet college condemned as anti-Semitic

By Stuart Winer A lecturer at the University of California Berkeley has apologized for sharing images on social media that the college deemed anti-Semitic and beyond acceptable criticism of Israel. The college condemned lecturer Hatem Bazian of the Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies department after he retweeted two images, The Jewish News of California reported…

One Response to “Berkeley lecturer apologizes for retweet college condemned as anti-Semitic”

  1. Chaim Yankel says:

    These cartoons are legitimate criticism of Israel because Israel places the Mogen David on its jet fighters and is a religious nation. Criticism of the religious aspect is therefore political criticism. If Israel were NOT a religious state and various religions were practiced by sizable minorities with full human and legal rights, then criticism of JUST the Jewish portion, the Jews, would be selective and discriminatory, i.e. racism, anti-semitism. But that is not the case.


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