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Jewish trivia quiz: Chanukah pet gifts

By Mark D. Zimmerman

Mark D. Zimmerman

MELVILLE, New York — According to the Talmud, we are commanded to feed our animals before we feed ourselves. It doesn’t say anything about giving gifts to our pets before giving presents to our human family members, but many Jews include their pets in the Chanukkah gift giving. Which of the following are real Chanukkah pet toys?


A. Dog Kippah and Tallis (sold separately) and Kiss Me, I’m Chewish! T-shirt.

B. Schnoz the Anteater Chew Toy and Mohel Scissors Chew Toy.

C. Menorah Dog Hat and Jewish Star Pet Bow Tie.

D. Llamalka in a Yarmulke Dog Chew Toy and Schmaltz the Chicken Chew Toy.

E. Mechitza Dog Gate and Shtreimel Frisbee.

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