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As Judgment Day nears, let’s try being less judgmental

By Joel H Cohen NEW YORK — A popular old story tells of a Jewish woman on a New York City subway sitting next to a bearded man who’s wearing a black hat and long black clothing. After minutes of staring at the man, the woman can’t contain herself. “I don’t understand you people,” she […]

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SDRA sets Kever Avot services Sept. 24

SAN DIEGO  (Press Release)– As we honor the tradition of Kever Avot, of visiting the graves of loved ones, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the San Diego Rabbinic Association (SDRA) provides the following services open to the entire community: Kever Avot Services, September 24th, 2017 Home of Peace Cemetery 3668 Imperial Ave San Diego […]

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What does Jewish tradition say about eclipses?

By Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel CHULA VISTA, California — This past week, some of my congregants asked me: What does Jewish tradition have to say about solar eclipses? Like many ancient peoples, the Jews did not develop a scientific understanding of eclipses until much later in its history. Before we examine what exactly Jewish tradition […]

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High Court rules women must be allowed to administer rabbinical courts

Women’s rights groups hail ruling as judges nix job requirements that effectively precluded females By Times of Israel staff The entrance to the Rabbinical Court of Tel Aviv, November 27, 2013. (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90) Women must be allowed to serve as directors of rabbinical courts, the High Court of Justice ruled Wednesday, in a […]

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Messianic Jews to Nigerians: You’re not ‘real’ Jews

Religious group from Arizona claims DNA testing proves that Igbo tribe are not genetically Jewish, drawing ire By Melanie Lidman Who is a Jew? According to a Jewish messianic group from America, you can find out for only $300 with a private DNA test. And according to this test, the Jewish genetic family does not […]

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Rabbi tells rationale for accepting Torah as divine

Reason to Believe: Rational Explanations of Orthodox Jewish Faith by Chaim Jachter, Menorah Books, New Milford, CT, © 2017,ISBN 978-1-940516-71-4, p. 234 plus appendices, $24.95 By Fred Reiss, Ed.D.  WINCHESTER, California – If believing is having faith in the evidence, then one might suspect that religion and reason share no common ground, but this is not the […]

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Elementary school teacher charged with molesting students

Court says Meir Zehnwirth inappropriately touched at least 2 girls he taught at the talmud Torah school in Tiberias By Times of Israel staff Meir Zehnwirth was charged with indecent assault on minors while he taught at the Talmud Torah elementary school in Tiberias on July 31, 2017. (Israel Police) An elementary school teacher at […]

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Finds in Jerusalem shore up biblical account of Babylonian conquest

On the eve of the Hebrew commemoration of the destruction of the Temples, archaeologists discover remnants of a blaze indicating the city was grander than thought By Amanda Borschel-Dan The structure in which shattered jugs were found during the summer 2017 Israel Antiquities Authority dig, attesting to the destruction. (Eliyahu Yanai, Courtesy of the City […]

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Spiritual quest led her to Elko’s Jewish community

  Editor’s Note:  Editor Donald H. Harrison and his grandson Shor recently completed a 2,000-mile journey through California and Nevada, collecting and photographing Jewish stories along the way.  This article is the sixth and final article in a series generated during that trip. By Donald H. Harrison ELKO, Nevada – It’s approximately 600 miles roundtrip […]

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Just Kidding: A Kohen’s life is not for sissies

By Joel H. Cohen NEW YORK — Although it’s a tremendous honor serving as the conduit for divine blessing, and though Aaron, our founding father, is cited in prayer as a paragon of peace, being a Kohen is not for sissies. Sure, there are perks –we’re called for the first aliyah (even the first two, […]

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With Bibles and shovels, a search for the biblical tabernacle gathers pace at Shiloh

New excavation by a Christian team uncovers intriguing finds at the site where Bible says the tabernacle and Ark rested for almost 400 years By Amanda Borschel-Dan SHILOH, West Bank — The twisted ram’s horn shofar sounded loudly through the hills at Shiloh, signaling the end to another day’s search for the biblical holy tabernacle. […]

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UK Hasidic school faced with closure for not teaching LGBT

Girls’ elementary school fails three inspections despite being praised for ‘inspiring pupils with enthusiasm’ By David Sedley Illustrative image of ultra-Orthodox Jewish girls studying at a Ultra Orthodox Jewish Girls school in Jerusalem, on September 2, 2014. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90) An ultra-Orthodox girls’ elementary school in London may be forced to close after failing to meet […]

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On being a Reform rabbi in Israel

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — Many years ago British police apprehended an aspiring terrorist who had on him a list of prominent Jews assumed to be potential targets for assassination. Rumor had it that some Jewish leaders were very upset when they found out that they weren’t on the list. Were they not considered […]

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13 San Diego rabbis seek ‘black listing’

SAN DIEGO — Thirteen non-Orthodox rabbis, protesting the decision of Israel’s chief rabbi to not recognize certification of Jewish identity by certain American rabbis, have demanded that their names be added to Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau’s “black list.” A copy of their letter follows: Dear Israel Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau: We, the following […]

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