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Jewish Lives: Al Jacobs, Tailor and Musician

By Al Jacobs SAN DIEGO — Childhood years are very fleeting and hard to pin down. My earliest recollections take me back to about four years old and just starting kindergarten. I lived with my parents, Dave and Milly, and my sister Sally (nee Sadie) in the East End of London somewhere off Commercial Road. […]

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Let’s avoid rushing to judgment about climate change

By Dr. Arnold Flick SAN DIEGO — Without dwelling on the whys and hows, in the early 1970’s Roger Revelle, then head of Scripps Oceanographic and subsequently Jerome Namias, a senior meteorologist there, gave of their time to talk with me about what was then called the “greenhouse effect,” still called as such in some circles, […]

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July saw SDJW’s greatly expanded coverage

SAN DIEGO–The news and feature report of San Diego Jewish World has expanded remarkably thanks to news sharing agreements under the auspices of RepubHub and the San Diego Online News Association (SDONA). Here is a list of writers whose works appeared during July on San Diego Jewish World, along with the names of the originating publications and organizations.  The […]

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Jewish short story: Dimensions of Light

By Howard B. Kaplan He was old, a stooped man with coarse skin and a yellowing face blotted with patches of a thorny white beard. The jagged lines surrounding his eyes creased into deep folds, and his nose looked as if were partly squashed, and partly shaved into a fine point. There he sat on […]

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Jewish short story: ‘Beginning in Autumn’

Editor’s Note: From time to time, San Diego Jewish World will publish works of fiction such as the short story below. Writers may submit a story, poem or essay on Jewish themes or subjects via email to [email protected]  There is no pay if your submissions are published, only the pleasure of being able to share them with […]

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