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Humoring the headlines: February 18, 2017

Reading Trump’s Mind By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO−Although many in the “dishonest” media have been appalled by recent remarks made by President Trump, he actually has been trying to restrain himself.  Fortunately, a transcript of his mind was leaked to me by an intelligence agency which has a device that can penetrate the densest of […]

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Middle East Roundup: February 17, 2017

Gallup poll: 71% of Americans view Israel favorably (Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Although an increasing number of Americans oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state, a new Gallup poll shows the U.S. public is divided over that issue. Currently, 45 percent of Americans say they support the creation of an independent Palestinian state in the […]

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Torah has good advice for picking judges

By Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal SAN DIEGO — In this week’s parasha, Moses’ father-in-law, Yitro, learns about the miraculous Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Moses’ wife and children had been staying with him in Midian and Yitro brings them to reunite with Moses in the wilderness. While visiting, Yitro notices all of the Israelites coming […]

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Weekly Torah portion: Yitro

By Rabbi Yaakov Marks SAN DIEGO — After the Jews, had settled peacefully into their wilderness encampment, Yitro, Moshe’s father in law, brought Zipporah, Moshe’s wife and two sons from Midyan, to be reunited with their husband and father. Moshe and all the leaders hosted Yitro to a joyous celebratory meal in which they praised […]

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Arab – Israeli relations due for a reset

By Shoshana Bryen WASHINGTON, D.C. — The optics, certainly, were fine. It was good to see an American president and an Israeli prime minister standing together on the podium with what appeared to be genuine good will. Most important, and promising for the future, perhaps, was how they dealt with the “two state solution” mantra. There […]

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Terrorists in Gaza, West Bank doom 2-State Solution

By Barry Shaw NETANYA, Israel — When Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke with President Trump at the White House press conference on February 15 he spoke about the inadmissibility of forcing Israel to live alongside a terrorist state of Palestine as the result of a global effort to establish a Palestinian state. Ignored by […]

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It took a village to bring me back to health

By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO — I always figured if I ever developed a fondness for members of the Scripps family it would be because of their historic contributions to newspaper journalism, or perhaps to oceanography, but as it turned out I thank them for their philanthropic interest in health care. I was a […]

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While Bibi meets Trump, Knesset opponents plot

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — It’s not an easy time for someone in the wide center of Israeli politics. The area at issue is fuzzy, with a shifting collection of political parties, party factions, and individuals. At its greatest, it includes much of the Knesset delegations of Likud, Labor (i.e., Zionist Union), and the parties […]

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Gaza and the ‘Gisha’ imperative

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — One reason why even liberal Israelis have qualms about a Palestinian state is because of what happened in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli disengagement in 2005. At the time many of us applauded the Israeli withdrawal in the belief that this was the first step in making the […]

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Why the two-state solution is delusional

By Barry Shaw NETANYA, Israel — What is ignored by people advocating a two-state solution is the clear and present danger of Hamas in the West Bank. It is an inconvenient truth for international diplomats pressuring Israel to withdraw from the West Bank that Hamas has a growing presence there. Evidence of that has been seen […]

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Some policy suggestions for President Trump

By Shoshana Bryen WASHINGTON, D.C. -The Trump White House continues to receive advice – solicited and unsolicited, in letters to the editor, op-eds, essays, and policy papers – as to what its foreign policy priorities should be.  It is tempting to presume that problems called “priorities” can be resolved with just a little more savvy […]

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Theme Song for ‘The Last Laugh’

By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO−While Michael Flynn frantically tried to destroy his DVD of From Russia with Love, the San Diego Jewish Film Festival is entertaining audiences day and night at a variety of venues in the city through February 19th.  I had the honor to introduce The Last Laugh, a documentary about comedians and […]

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Humoring the headlines: February 13, 2017

By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO−In a perfect world: Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and President Trump would be wired to a polygraph whenever they made public statements. * Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be immortal. * Israel wouldn’t legitimize many formerly illegal settlements the day after it disbands one. * Three Republican senators would have voted against […]

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Why are we attracted to violence?

By Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D. LA JOLLA, California –Humans have always been attracted to acts of graphic violence. In Roman times, the Coliseum was filled with people ready to be entertained by gladiators fighting to the death or Christians being eaten by hungry lions. A few centuries later, public beheadings were a popular entertainment—Marie Antoinette and […]

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