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Jews are fighting themselves in Israel, abroad

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — The Jews of Israel are watching Muslims near and far killing themselves, and contemplating horror scenarios of a serious threat from Iran, Hezbollah, or some other evil source. There are near daily efforts of individual Palestinians to attack Jews, but for the most part, the Muslim front is quiet for […]

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Iran gaining in air, sea power

  By Shoshana Bryen WASHINGTON, D.C. — We have been looking in the wrong direction. While the West was hoping temporarily to check Iran’s nuclear aspirations, Iran was making plans to advance on the ground and in the water — and the plans are unfolding nicely. For Iran. After the U.S. withdrew from Iraq in […]

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About Lenny Bruce, who started it all

By Cynthia Citron NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California — Before George Carlin.  Before Richard Pryor.   Before EVERYONE who followed, there was Lenny Bruce. Ostensibly having died of a drug overdose in 1966, Bruce is apparently still alive and unwell at Theatre 68 in North Hollywood. His essence and his memories are currently residing in the body of consummate actor Ronnie […]

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Humoring the headlines: June 27, 2017

By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO–The CBO report on the Senate healthcare bill predicts that it will result in twenty-two million Americans eventually losing their health insurance.  In the GOP scramble to make the bill more palatable, Mitch McConnell is exploring the possibility of outsourcing the medical care of seriously ill people to North Korea which […]

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Some impressions of San Diego’s Intl Fringe Festival

  By Eric George Tauber SAN DIEGO — The fifth annual San Diego International Fringe Festival is well underway, 11 days of “eyeball busting” shows. “Fringe” theatre refers to shows on the edge. They are short (no longer than an hour) and travel light. Many are circus acts with feats of acrobatics, dances and one-person […]

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Jewish trivia quiz: Uber

By Mark D. Zimmerman MELVILLE, New York — Uber founder Travis Kalanick (whose mother is Jewish, but whose own religious identity is not known) resigned as CEO of the company last week, under pressure from major shareholders following a number of scandals, including reports of sexual harassment and other workplace discrimination, intellectual property lawsuits, and controversy over […]

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Romping through Withering Heights

By Eva Trieger SAN DIEGO– The Roustabouts continue to make their debut season a winner.  The trio opened with Margin of Error, a dramatic and emotional ride, and continues with Withering Heights, a delightfully, over-the-top hilarious adaptation of Emily Bronte’s classic.  But, don’t expect a rehashing of the nineteenth century novel you read in tenth grade.  […]

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Kotel decision will turn young Americans off to Israel

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — A headline in Monday’s Ha’aretz sums it up: “Netanyahu to American Jews: Drop Dead.” Though I mailed my previous reflections just before the official announcement about the prime minister caving in to his ultra-Orthodox colleagues, I anticipated the outcome. That’s what I wrote: The present wave of Orthodox pressure […]

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Israel’s diverse population yields many factions

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — There are attractions in the Jewish State, but also problems. Given its location and population, no surprise that they are the problems of living with Jews, and Arabs. They aren’t the same problems, and it isn’t obvious which are the most serious, or threatening. Arab citizens are some 20 percent of […]

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Big Fish: An odyssey through a storybook

“You are never too old for a good story.” By Eric George Tauber SAN DIEGO–The storyteller’s art is alive and well in the deep South, made all the more charming by its musical drawl and colorful colloquialisms. Big Fish is a magical, musical odyssey through a world of giants, witches, mermaids and werewolves. This is […]

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Hershey Felder can pack a house on a Monday

By Eric George Tauber SAN DIEGO — Rarely have I seen a house so packed on a Monday night as I did at the Lyceum Theatre on  June 19, 2017. But Hershey Felder is a name that gets butts in the seats. This was Hershey Felder & Friends: “The Stories of Sholem Aleichem and more” one […]

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The fight over religious pluralism in Israel

Editor’s Note: Rabbi Marmur wrote the following column just before the Israeli government decided to freeze implementation of egalitarian worship at the Western Wall. By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — I’m a member of the organization of Reform rabbis in Israel, and, together with my wife I belong to two Reform congregations in Jerusalem. I’m, […]

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The personal peril of being a translator

By Dorothea Shefer-Vanson MEVASSERET ZION, Israel — One doesn’t normally think of translating and editing as a dangerous profession, but my experience of working in this field for the last fifty years has had a deleterious effect on me, leaving me seriously incapacitated. Reading literature of any kind, and especially if it has been translated […]

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Jews were both insiders and outsiders in San Diego

Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Don Harrison’s presentation on June 22 at the San Diego History Center about the status of pioneer Jews in San Diego County.  Other speakers included Joellyn Zollman, curator of the exhibit at the Center on the Jews of San Diego; Mary Ellen Stratthaus and Phil Shapiro, who both […]

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