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Saying U.S. embassy to be moved and doing it quite different; many obstacles await the relocation

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — Where is the embassy? It’ll be easier–or at least quicker–building it on the moon. In this congested city with narrow streets it’s been impossible to create a coherent network of bike paths. The municipality has been at it for more than a decade. What’s been built goes from marked paths […]

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Positively Israel: December 17, 2017

Into the Hands of the Few By Michael Ordman  NETANYA, Israel — On the Jewish festival of Hanukah, we give thanks for the victory in Jerusalem in 164 BCE of the tiny Jewish army over the mighty Greek-Syrian empire – for deliverance of the many into the hands of the few. Today, we continue to […]

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Mike Pence, the Christian Zionist

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — US Vice-President Mike Pence, who is due to visit Israel this week, is said to be an ardent Christian Zionist and thus apparently the main influence behind President Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Professor Paul Rogers of Bradford University in the UK reminds us that […]

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Her favorite Chanukah dessert? Ginger bread!

By Dorothea Shefer-Vanson MEVASSERET ZION, Israel –The pungent aroma of baking would often greet me when I came home from school. My mother was an expert baker (and cook) and had a wide range of goodies that she would make in the course of the year, as well as the delicious Challah and rolls she […]

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OpEd: Europe hates Israel–and itself

By Steve Kramer ALFE MENASHE, Israel — This week, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini “guaranteed” to the Palestinian Arabs, EU support for a divided Jerusalem. She rebuked Prime Minister Netanyahu, “You know where the European Union stands. We believe that the only realistic solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine is based on […]

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‘Fake news’ and its purveyors

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — At a first reading, most Israelis appear to share President Trump’s views about fake news. According to a poll commissioned by the respected Israel Democracy Institute, only 28% of Israelis polled trust the media. However, this view seems to be based less on personal impressions and more on what […]

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‘Just Kidding:’ Trump kvells over his Chanukah party

By Joel H. Cohen NEW YORK — Remember the song, “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To’? What brings it to mind is the report of attendance at President Trump’s recent Chanukah party. Anyone who’s hosted a celebration and had many on the guest list ignore or turn down the invitation, can […]

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Chanukah in myth and history

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — The annual fun is upon us. But for those interested in such things, there’s lots of fuzzy history to contemplate. It’s probably best to ignore all that comes next, to enjoy with the kids and grandchildren, the parties, in Israel the long vacation from school, as well as the gifts […]

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Israel vs. the Diaspora

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — Early on in his new book about Yossi Beilin and the failed peace process (English title: The Left-Wing’s Sorrow), Avi Shilon, the historian of modern Israel, makes the point that you cannot remove the religious dimension in seeking to make peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Even if you have […]

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Bravos for guest conductor, pianist at TICO concert

By Eileen Wingard SAN DIEGO — Robert Zelickman, professional clarinetist and retired UC San Diego Wind Ensemble Conductor, served as guest maestro for the  Nov. 12 and 14 concerts of the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra (TICO). He substituted for TICO’s music director, David Amos, who had suffered an injured ankle in an accidental fall. The […]

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Don’t worry about Trump’s motives. His actions count

By Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel  CHULA VISTA, California — The theme of brotherhood is central to the entire Book of Genesis. On Shabbat we chant the words, “Hinei ma tov uma na’im, shevet achim gam yachad.” (“Look how good and pleasurable it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.” Yet Genesis did not begin […]

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Weekly trivia quiz: Chanukah Elf on the Shelf

By Mark D. Zimmerman MELVILLE, New York — Children who are celebrating Christmas have the Elf on a Shelf children’s book and toy to enjoy during the holiday season. What are two Chanukah toys which were created by children’s authors inspired by Elf on a Shelf? A. The Latke on the Yacht-ke Toy Boat and the Señora Menorah Torah.B. The Gelt […]

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Humoring the headlines: December 11, 2017

  By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO-‘Twas Hanukkah eve, and in the White House, Donald Trump was tweeting, preparing to grouse. Insults of Bob Mueller were sent with great ire To warn him that one day he could be fired. The President fumed about his buddy Flynn Treated so poorly for his lying sin. Hillary should […]

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Imperial Beach mayor stresses community, ecology

By Donald H. Harrison IMPERIAL BEACH, California – Serge Dedina is a 6’4 surfer, a PhD in geography, a descendant on his Jewish father’s side of Holocaust survivors, a renowned coastal conservationist, and, since December 2014, mayor of the small city of Imperial Beach. There were so many facets of his life to talk about […]

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