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Mimi’s Ark: Helping children and animals

By Mimi Pollack ALPINE, California — Giving back to others is always good, but when you can give back to both animals and children, that is even better! Local humanitarian, Agnes Barrelet, is doing just that by heading up two non-profits, Hands United for Children and Children’s Nature Retreat. The Children’s Nature Retreat in Alpine […]

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Trump versus other presidents’ competence

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — It’s not a good sign when an op-ed piece in the Washington Post uses the terms incompetent, stupid, and a “cartoon version of a presidency” in connection with Donald Trump. The President’s supporters are already making their standard remarks about a left-wing press. Sure, the Washington Post along with the […]

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Vandals break branch of SDSU Chabad menorah

By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO – A branch of a large, free-standing menorah in front of the Chabad House at San Diego State University was torn off early Friday morning by young men–probably students– who were using the religious symbol to do pull-ups, according to Chabad Rabbi Chalom Boudjnah and two witnesses. The rabbi said […]

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Humoring the Headlines: March 24, 2017

March Sadness By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO−Though overshadowed by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the real competition to watch this month is what is going on in Washington, DC.  The number one seed, the Trump Travesties, is facing stiffer competition than expected.  This makes it difficult for spectators to fill in their brackets as the […]

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Weekly Torah portion: Vayakhel

By Rabbi Yaakov Marks SAN DIEGO — Moshe faced a monumental and daunting task: the building of the Mishkan (the portable tabernacle). Enormous amounts of gold, silver, and bronze had to be procured and fashioned. Many varieties of dyed wool, linen, goat hair and ram skins needed to be processed according to complicated and intricate […]

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Man arrested for attempting to burn Tifereth Israel

By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO – The parent of a preschooler saw a man on Monday, March 20, attempt to set fire to a mezuzah near the entrance of Tifereth Israel Synagogue.The man could not enter the synagogue because of security locks.  The parent reported the intruder to the synagogue staff, who called police. […]

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‘Just Kidding:’ Trump to unveil new seder

By Joel H. Cohen NEW YORK — President Trump is planning an “updated” seder, whose ancient writings will be modernized, and in which journalists and present and former staff members will play key roles Among those slated to ask the Four Questions are correspondents from Fox News, Breitbart,  Tass, and syndicated radio host Sean Hannity. When […]

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Troubles, rivals multiply for Netanyahu

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — Israel’s vibrant democracy is at another testing point of holding itself together. However, these times have occurred often enough over the course of 70 years to suggest that the country will survive, more or less as is. The current uptick of political squabbles is occurring along with several police investigations into […]

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“Yes, call me a Jew”

Historic Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia vandalized This new wave of anti-Semitism, delivered via bomb threats, cemetery vandalisms, swastika desecrations, and specific acts of violence, reawakens an old and bittersweet mantra in every Jewish soul: we are as vulnerable as we are enduring. I remember: somebody once wrote me a nasty letter after something I circulated […]

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The luthier on the hill

By Yoni Peres KIBBUTZ ALONEI HABASHAN, Golan Heights — Driving on the winding road, up the hills of the Golan Height, one cannot ignore the breath taking scenery – Lush green rugged meadows, lakes, creeks and little water falls, and cowboys on horses leading herds of cows. Not far from the Golan “capitol”- Katzrin, I […]

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Is Iran really the greatest threat to Israel?

By Rabbi Dow Marmur JERUSALEM — The received wisdom in Israel today is that Iran is the greatest threat to its security, perhaps to its very existence. Prime Minister Netanyahu is the most vociferous proponent of this view; he speaks of it often, perhaps never more forcefully than when he addressed the United States Congress, […]

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S.D. Jewish History an open book

By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO – Can you imagine shrinking to a tiny size and being able to walk through the pages of an interactive book?  You stop on one page and you see photographs of Jewish pioneers, quotations from newspaper accounts about them, and perhaps a caption summarizing the high points of their […]

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Two states? One state? How about a federation?

By Shoshana Bryen WASHINGTON, D.C. — The so-called “two-state solution,” to subdivide the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea between independent Israel and independent Palestine, fails the tests of logic and history. And it ignores the Kingdom of Jordan – whose participation is required for any stable, long-term arrangement. There are presently three […]

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Humoring the Headlines: March 20, 2017

What Trump Really Thinks about his Budget Blueprint By Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO−Mick Mulvaney, who plays Mr. Burns on The Simpsons, unveiled President Trump’s budget blueprint shortly before St. Patrick’s Day so that most Americans would be drunk when they read it the first time.  Since Obama bequeathed his successor a desk that secretly functions […]

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