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Ten reasons for the demise of the Shah of Iran

Untethered The True Children of Cyrus By Joe Gandelman Editor-in-Chief, The Moderate Voice SAN DIEGO — There is a moment in 1974’s Godfather 2 when Michael Corleone sees the determination of Fidel Castro-led rebel forces. The scene is quick and later Michael notes it to the ill-fated crime bigwig Hyman Roth: “I saw an interesting […]

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CNN Bombshell: Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him (UPDATED)

The article below references an unsubstantiated summary of a document about President-elect Trump’s personal and financial activities in Russia.  Here is a link to what Buzz Feed says is that document:  President-elect Trump has denied the allegations, saying they constitute “fake news” and are totally false. CNN has just released a bombshell report written by top reporters […]

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Horowitz branding Kristol ‘renegade Jew’ stirs protest

Branded by Breitbart columnist as a “renegade Jew” I’ve now found that reading strong ideological blogs is like asking the dentist to give me four root canals and pull out my toenails while he’s at it. Why? Our political “discussion” now seemingly can’t function without a personal attack on someone, rather than sticking to policy […]

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Why Sanders lost big in New York State

And now the Monday morning quarterbacking has begun. Why did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do better than many pundits thought, polls not withstanding? More importantly, how could it be that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders did so poorly in New York state, when he was drawing huge crowds at rallies, continued to be a […]

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Anachnu: Joe Gandelman

By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO – It would be difficult to say whether ventriloquist Joe Gandelman spends more time in his San Diego condominium or in his car driving to gigs at schools, fairs, senior homes, and private parties across the United States.  On one national tour that stretched over eight months, he and […]

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SDJW thanks its November writers

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Jewish World thanks and would like to acknowledge those writers whose works appeared on this news publication during the month of November.  They were: David Amos Kenneth Bandler Laurie Baron Jeremy Ben-Ami Dan Bloom Shoshana Bryen Stephen Bryen Dane Chapin Tamara Isaacs Ciocci Cynthia Citron Richard L. Cravatts Steve Diamond Joe […]

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Why Jews should feel compassion for Syrian refugees

  By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — If there is ever a movie that cries out for being seen NOW it’s filmmaker Robert Rippberger’s  7 Days in Syria. When it was completed some months ago it was a solid documentary about the Syrian Civil War that took you so inside the devastation that you could almost […]

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World resigns itself to soft-target terror

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — In the wake of the terrorist massacre in Paris, the new battle cry throughout the civilized world is “Je suis Charlie,” meaning “I am Charlie.” The phrase expresses solidarity for the four cartoonists and 13 others butchered by Islamic terrorists who attacked the satirical newspaper and a kosher market. […]

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Twisted logic of the terrorist’s soft target

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — Get ready for our already ugly and violent 21st century to be the century of soft targets for terrorists. The number of places where people feel safe will diminish as terrorists pick new venues to increase body counts — and grab more of that new and mainstream media publicity […]

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‘Death of Klinghoffer’ like ‘The Producers’ come true

By Joe Gandelman TORONTO, Canada– Is Mel Brooks smiling? Brooks’ 1968 comedy The Producers dealt with an outrageous, fictitious Broadway musical called Springtime for Hitler that trivialized Nazism and became a surprise hit. The New York Metropolitan Opera is now presenting The Death of Klinghoffer, which tries to explain the point of view of PLF members […]

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The death cult known as ISIS

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO (SDONA)–Whither the Islamic State? That’s a real double-edged question: where is the group otherwise known as ISIS headed, and can the United States and other civilized nations make it shrivel up and die? The group is and has taken off like a bat out of hell, gobbling up territory and […]

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ISIS is evil incarnate and leaving a trail of horrors

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — Just as World War I didn’t prove to be “the war to end all wars,” the 20th century didn’t turn out to be when the nearly unimaginable brutality and indescribable evil represented by German dictator Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime was definitively laid to rest The evil is back. Big-time. […]

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Seven lessons to ponder in Iraq

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — Whither and wither Iraq? That’s actually a two-pronged question. First, where will Iraq wind up when it completes its latest, chaotic chapter? Second, will Iraq’s next incarnation be as a cohesive nation-state, or will it literally wither and splinter into two (or more) parts? There are many points and twists […]

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Juan Carlos was good for Spain, good for the Jews

 By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — Many Americans probably yawned when they saw the news that Spain’s King Juan Carlos decided to abdicate the throne in favor of his son, Prince Felipe. But they should have been in awe of the King’s name. He’s a historical figure who displayed guts despite personal danger in helping […]

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