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The imprinting of killer Elliot Rodger

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — When the news first hit that 22-year-old Elliot Rodger killed six fellow students in the Santa Barbara suburb  of Isla Vista, it didn’t foreshadow the horrific details yet to come. Six promising young lives knifed and shot dead. Families instantly plunged into grief. Rodger’s film industry parents getting his […]

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Sterling compounds his bigotry in CNN interview

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — Some 20 years ago,  12-year-old Ted, on a trip to San Francisco, was taken into a restaurant in Chinatown. The boy saw the menu, and in a loud voice said: “Chinese food? I hate Chinese food. I don’t even like the Chinese!” Then he noticed all the Asians glaring at him. He […]

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The Flaw in Obamacare — Gov’t red tape

By Joe Gandelman   SAN DIEGO — There’s good news and bad news about Obamacare. The good news is some 8 million Americans have signed up for health care, and the national uninsured rate is dropping. The bad news is an estimated 5 million “working poor” Americans can’t get insurance because they’re considered too poor. Others […]

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Hitler still subject of much curiosity

By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO–Is it springtime for Hitler in the 21st century? From eBooks, to Google Maps, to political polemics, to cafes, one of the biggest mass murderers in world history seems to be on many people’s minds. But one thing seems to elude their thoughts: the almost incomprehensible barbarity of one of history’s […]

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Pat Robertson and a Jewish stereotype

Editor’s Note: The Christian Broadcasting Network, in comment below the following story, says Pat Robertson was quoting Daniel Lapin’s book, and not voicing his own opinion.  By Joe Gandelman SAN DIEGO — Televangelist  Pat Robertson has struck again, recently saying Jews never fix their cars because they’re too busy polishing diamonds. Note that Robertson often […]

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