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Memo to our readers:

Some of you may be wondering why some comments are posted below stories, and others aren’t.

Our editors usually have the opportunity to review comments before they are posted.

We require that all letters be signed with full name and with the writer’s city and state (country) of residence.

As a matter of policy we send to the trash comments that include abusive language;  generic attacks on any nationality,  racial group, religious group, gender or sexual orientation;  or comments which are potentially libelous.

If a reader disagrees with a reported action by an individual or group, by all means the reader is free—even encouraged—to express that disagreement.  However, commentary should focus on specifics, and not be construed as an opportunity to attack an entire group of people.

Commentaries also should be relevant.  We are amazed how many times people send us letters having nothing to do with the subject at hand—their misguided purpose apparently to either get their name or product’s name into print.

Civil and relevant – those are the qualities that we look for in commentaries.

We hope you will contribute to our ongoing forum.

Donald H. Harrison, editor, San Diego Jewish World

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