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Hatikvah Slate calls ZOA charges ‘hysterical’

progressive zionist slateNEW YORK (Press Release)–The U.S. Area Elections Committee chair has found that there is no basis for the request made by the ZOA to disqualify the Hatikvah progressive Zionist slate, established for the upcoming World Zionist Congress elections in the United States. Ironically, the ZOA is attempting to delegitimize the ideological heirs of those who established the state of Israel and since that time have helped sustain the Zionist dream. Ameinu, Partners for Progressive Israel, Habonim Dror and Hashomer Hatzair, the organizational members of the Hatikvah Slate, have presented a platform that represents today’s mainstream peace and democracy camp of Israel.

The platform and its candidates support:

  •        –A two-state solution
  •       — Youth movements
  •       — Social justice and protection of democratic rights for all Israeli citizens
  •       — Recognition of all religious streams
  •       — Refugee reform

These important, Zionist positions hardly match the hysterical claims of support for BDS and anti-Semitism that are included in the ZOA’s groundless document.

We are saddened that the ZOA would choose to invest their time and money to engage in a witch hunt against mainstays of the Zionist movement. We are troubled that they attempted to silence a voice that represents large segments of Israel and the American Jewish community. As a response to this misguided effort, we encourage every America Jew to register and vote in the Zionist Congress elections.  Individuals can learn more about the Hatikvah Slate at 

The Hatikvah slate is comprised of leaders of a variety of organizations, including J Street, New Israel Fund, Americans for Peace Now, Open Hillel and the Jewish Labor Committee along with Rabbis, social and environmental activists, academics, artists and others who have joined with Ameinu, Habonim Dror, Hashomer Hatzair and Partners for Progressive Israel to best represent you and your vision for Israel and world Jewry.

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