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Nu, suppose you did win that lottery … then what?

By Sheryl Rowling SAN DIEGO — Windfall! Q:        I’ve just received millions from an inheritance.  My head is spinning!  What do I need to think about? A:        Oy, such a problem! If you’re single, have I got a girl for you…  Seriously, though, dealing with sudden wealth, although a “good” problem, can be quite stressful.  […]

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Why the very strange leaks from Secretary of Defense Panetta?

By Isaac Yetiv, PhD LA JOLLA, California — There are different kinds of “leaks.” There are inadvertent leaks such as the US President’s “microphone malfunctions” in Paris with former President Sarkozy, and in Moscow with former President Medvedev, and there are deliberate leaks intended to achieve a political result, which sometimes backfire. In military intelligence parlance, […]

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Jewish Travel: The old quarter of Barcelona

  By Adi Mahler BARCELONA, Spain — This is a city rich with Jewish history dating back over 1,700 years. When exactly the first Jews arrived in Spain is hard to say. There are some legends about two sons of the Queen of Sheba (King Solomon’s wife) having founded two cities in Spain. Also, there’s […]

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Belafonte a ‘star’ not only in singing, but as a humanitarian

By Rabbi Ben Kamin SAN DIEGO — Harry Belafonte, the musical legend and civil rights icon, first met Martin Luther King Jr. in 1956.   King phoned the rising calypso star in New York, and according to Belafonte’s memoirs, said, simply:   “You don’t know me, Mr. Belafonte, but my name is Martin Luther King Jr.”   […]

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Jewish-interest license plate Ch Babka

  SAN DIEGO — Mmmm.  Mmmm.  Our mouths are watering already, if this license means what we suspect it does.  CHocolate Babka, a well-known, well-loved Eastern European Jewish pastry.    Melanie Rubin spotted the license plate, and now we’re all hungry!

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How ’bout some cheesecake for Shavuot?

By Norene Gilletz TORONTO, Canada –Shavuot, which begins at sundown on Saturday, May 26, commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai and is also the Festival of the First Fruits. Dairy foods such as cheesecakes, kugels and blintzes are traditionally served for Shavuot. Cheesecake is always a hit and […]

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New coalition is a big win for Netanyahu

By Shoshana Bryen WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rarely do politics in a democratic country wrap up as neatly as they did for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week.  Having scheduled new parliamentary elections that he was assuredly going to win, today he announced that the coalition was expanded and reconstituted, and will last until September […]

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Sudden Likud-Kadima coalition prompts protests

By Ira Sharkansky JERUSALEM — The affiliation of Kadima to the Likud-led coalition came in the middle of the night, at the 11th hour before a Knesset vote to dissolve and begin the onset of an election campaign. It triggered not only the surprise and wonder of commentators, but shrill criticism of Shaul Mofaz for […]

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Holidays for the introverts and extroverts among us

By Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb NEW YORK — Although many of his adherents deny it, he definitely had an anti-Semitic streak and was at least, for a time, sympathetic to the Nazi cause. Yet he was one of the major psychological theorists of the 20th century, and I personally have found his insights into the […]

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