SDSU rejects charge of anti- Semitism

san diego state university logoSAN DIEGO (SDJW)– Responding to a contention from the David Horowitz Freedom Center that San Diego State University is the campus with the sixth worst record for combating anti- Semitism, spokeswoman Natalia Elko told San Diego Jewish World:

“San Diego State University is one of the most diverse universities in the country, accepting of people and points of view from all backgrounds. That does not mean the university endorses one view over another. We encourage discussion and debate of relevant issues. Learning to sift through multiple perspectives and create one’s own views is an important part of the educational process.”

The Horowitz Center’s ranking of colleges’ attitudes toward anti- Semitism, with a campus by campus summary may be found here.

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3 Responses to “SDSU rejects charge of anti- Semitism”

  1. daniel Brodsky says:

    The accusation is not answered with the University’s response.

  2. ed karesky says:

    If verbal harassment, slanderous and untrue statement and pictures disseminated as facts, and an effort to make the campus unfriendly to Jewish students is considered diversity and open exchange of ideas, then I’d be better off staying off campus.

  3. Laurie Baron says:

    See today’s San Diego Union Tribune:

    Also consider the source of the report about campus anti-Semitism when assessing its validity:


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