Western leaders refuse to face up to ISIS threat

By Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

Lloyd Levy

LONDON, England — The current situation in Europe has many similarities with the appeasement of Hitler leading up to the Second World War. Then our “leaders” refused to believe that Hitler was a serious treat, and because they didn’t act in a timely manner, tens of millions died, including virtually all of European Jewry. The same is happening with jihadism. Our politicians are paralyzed, and incredibly the only leaders with any nerve appear to be Putin and Viktor Orban of Hungary. They at least are standing up for their own people and traditions.

Jihadist terrorism is not new, and the attack in Paris is on a par with those that go on continually around the world. In the last week or so, we have seen a Russian jet blown up, and many killed by suicide bombers in Lebanon and Turkey. The jihadist bombings began 20 years ago, with shocking attacks in East Africa. There was 9/11 which was 14 years ago, and great loss of life in the British Tube and bus bombings in 2005. That’s ten years ago, and we still face the problem magnified many times over. The Paris attack will change nothing.
The Establishment remains in denial, and simply wont face up to the situation. France blames Belgium and Syria, refusing to face the reality of problems within their own population. Bombing Raqqa from the air is merely a public relations exercise. There are already the air forces of something like 12 countries bombing Syria, whats a few more bombs !. It is going to make even more refugees flood into Europe.

The probability of terrorists coming in as migrants is a real concern. It is estimated that Germany will have over one million refugees this year, and even if one percent are terrorists, that is 10,000 jihadists. Look at the damage 8 terrorists did in Paris, what havoc could 10,000 do.? One must also realize that once they settle in Europe, they have free movement anywhere, so there is little to stop someone in Germany coming to live in the UK.

Even the Brits, who normally have some backbone, are starting to call ISIS by the name Daish, because Daish doesnt mention Islam in its title, and heaven forbid anyone thinks jihadism is anything to do with Islam! However to be fair, I think David Cameron is probably the only major Western European leader to publicly acknowledge the threats.

If you want to know the latest idiocy, just subject it to the “BBC test.” If the BBC goes to extreme lengths about a topic, you can be sure it reflects the views of the so called liberal one-world elites. For example, their news bulletins are guaranteed to show the one child in a boat load of 200 military age male refugees.
So where does this leave the Jews ? In a no win situation! If the mass immigration continues, life will become unbearable for Jews in Europe. Already Jews in France and Sweden have a life of continual harassment and fear of the immigrants.  On the other hand, if the native European populations awaken to their predicament, the Jews will undoubtedly get caught in the backlash along with the Muslims.
People are frightened, Jews and non Jews.  Our recourse is the ballot box.

In UK, thankfully an island, our salvation lies in exiting the European Union and controlling our own borders. May that day come as soon as possible !. We are at the 11th hour in UK, but it is already past midnight in France and Sweden

Levy is a freelance writer who divides his time between England and Israel.  He may be contacted via [email protected] 




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