Shunned anti-Semitism film shown for 24 hours only at Bild website

Germany’s biggest paper leaks pirate copy of controversial documentary that public TV channel has refused to broadcast By Marc Neugroschel Screenshot of BDS protesters in Paris, from the documentary ‘Chosen and Excluded — Jew Hatred in Europe.’ (Courtesy) COLOGNE, Germany — A new much discussed documentary on European anti-Semitism has been leaked on the website of…

One Response to “Shunned anti-Semitism film shown for 24 hours only at Bild website”

  1. J.J. Surbeck says:

    It’s already available on YouTube, although unfortunately for now only in its original German version, here: .

    Newsflash: another version with French subtitles has just been posted here for readers confortable in Voltaire’s language: .

    No doubt one with English subtitles will show up soon. I highly recommend this film to everyone. For once we have real reporting here, and the picture it paints of the current anti-Semitism resurgence in Europe is truly frightening. It should also serve as a serious warning for all those deluded liberal (especially Jewish ones) who insist that US doors should remain wide open to immigrants from Muslim countries. If, thanks to them, that’s what happens, they won’t have any right to complain when the scenes you see happening now in Europe become common place in America as well.


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