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Bar Mitzvah near Gaza border proceeds joyously

By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israe — Since the school bus leaving  Kibbutz Nahal Oz was fired on by a rocket killing a little boy, all busses have been banned from entering the kibbutz and  passengers are ferried to the main road by vans. Next week the new alternative five kilometer road will be […]

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First ‘hippies’ were kibbutzniks of early 20th century

By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel — At the beginning of the twentieth century the whole of Europe was in a state of flux. New ideas and new ideals were making themselves felt and the youth were bent on changing the old and ringing in the new. All doctrines and philosophies were the rage […]

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Seniors enjoy education complex, theatre, in Sha’ar Hanegev

  KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel — Shakespeare wrote  “All the world’s a stage…………. His acts being seven ages”. However, that was at the end of the sixteenth century. Today we divide our life into different stages. Between the fifth and sixth periods we can introduce another time line. Most people retire in their mid to […]

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Shavuot is an agricultural festival on Israeli kibbutz

  By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel — When the young enthusiastic idealistic Jews left Eastern Europe during the first half of the twentieth century, they not only left behind their parents and families but also turned their backs on everything that represented their past as Jews of the diaspora. The majority of world […]

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Keeping the kibbutz archives

  By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel –Knowing our past makes our future significant   I think most of us missed out on learning about our roots and family history when we never grasped the chance of speaking to our grandparents or great grandparents when we had the opportunity. It seems that we all […]

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Emotions run high on days of Remembrance and Independence

By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel — This coming week will be one of emotional extremes. It was purposely decided that The Day of Remembrance and Independence Day would be celebrated “back to back”. In the early days of the State there wasn’t a family that was not somehow  involved with the losses of […]

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Family of Israeli victim of school bus attack asks San Diegans to say ‘misheberach’ prayers

By Donald H. Harrison SAN DIEGO, April 9 — Daniel Viflich, the 16-year-old boy who was injured Thursday, April 7, on the Israeli  school bus that was hit by an anti-tank shell fired from the Gaza Strip, had been visiting his grandma at Kibbutz Ruhama and had gone on a ride with his grandma’s neighbor, […]

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A grandfather’s cry of pain after school bus attack

  By Dov Hartuv  KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ — I am furious and frustrated. On Thursday afternoon (April 7) the yellow regional school bus drove in to the kibbutz and as usual discharged its load of boisterous school kids. The school day had ended and the Pesah holidays were on hand. The bus did an about turn […]

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Hebrew place names and people’s names often come with stories

 By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel — Places and people have their names changed from time to time. Kibbutz Nahal Oz was originally established as an army outpost in 1951. At that time the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel was just a  ploughed furrow to demark where Egypt ended and Israel began. […]

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Nir Am nonagenarian optimistic about Israel’s future

By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NIR AM, Israel — Science and  medicine have enabled us to lengthen our life span, but they still don’t know how to guarantee the quality of our lives. Over the last three years I have been spending a morning a week with one of the founding members of Kibbutz Nir Am […]

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Red has two opposite meanings in S.D. sister region

  By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel — If you ask anyone  at this time of the year in the Sha’ar Hanegev  area what the word Red brings to mind, you will get two answers. Here our spring is extremely short. It’s really a brief cross over from Winter to Summer. In February March […]

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Wanderings led from Lithuania to U.S. to South Africa to Israel

 Editor’s Note: In this column, Dov Hartuv, a new correspondent in Sha’ar Hanegev municipality, Israel,  introduces himself.  Sha’ar Hanegev, alongside the border of Gaza,  is the partnership region of the Jewish Federation of San Diego, By Dov Hartuv KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel– It must be in our genes. We have always been nomads. Since the […]

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